The congestion in the streets of Accra and Kumasi causes a lot of problems: workers come too late at their office, children are too late at school and in peak time all commuters could wait for more than an hour for a trotro, bus or taxi.
A Bus Rapid Transit system could solve these problems:
A Bus Rapid Transit System has been designed only for the congested roads in      Ghana; these are presently the main corridors of Accra and Kumasi.
MMT started a pilot project for a bus rapid transit system in Accra, September ‘05
The project provides a fast connection between the southern Kimbu station and Nkrumah Circle with the northern suburbs of Legon Madina and Adenta.
Tetteh Quarshie is a central transport hub and change over point.
A VDL bus will pass on these corridors every 15 minutes.
Loading of passengers only at fixed bus stops
Buy your ticket in advance at a cashier booth.
The pilot project was a success: 20,000 tickets per day are sold.
La Paz - Malam has been extended to the pilot project in February 2006.


Giffard road and Burma Camp Road 1 & 2

Amasaman and Adentan routes
Map of Accra - the red lines are the routes of the Bus Rapid Transit system’

No congestion in Ghana, dream or reality?
It is recognized that a bus rapid transit system is the solution for congestion in African Capital Cities, but on condition that within the existing infrastructure separate bus lanes will be released for public bus transport only. On this network of bus lanes a bus can pass every 5 minutes hitting the various residential and economic centers. All commuters can cross within 30 minutes the cities of Kumasi and Accra to reach home, work, market or school. Minimal waiting times and cheap fares make the day of all commuters pleasant. Is this a dream or reality?

 MMT believes that it could be a reality: Ghana is a leading country in Africa concerning public bus transport because of the high fleet capacity of MMT. If only the existing bus lanes would be released and new bus lanes would be created for public bus transport on the main corridors, then our fleet is big enough to let every 5 minutes a bus pass. MMT could move 80% of all commuters on the main corridors what really would relief the remaining lanes for private cars. Ghana could be an example for the African Countries as it would develop a public transport system that is able to commute the growing number of scholars, office workers and business people.

‘Passengers queue to buy their ticket’

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